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Guy Sebastian | 'Candle' press copy

for Sony Music Australia

“If someone said to me, ‘there are no rules – no boundaries to what you want to do’… what sort of music would I make?”

A ferocious opus of processed guitar and thumping kick drums, ‘Candle’ is what happens when Guy Sebastian lets himself off the creative leash.

After ten unforgettable but taxing years on the pop trail, Guy needed a break last year to recharge and realign his artistic priorities. “You get thrown into a world and you just pedal and pedal to keep going. You’re living in constant fear that doing music for a living is only fleeting and you’ve got to make the most of it, so you don’t take a holiday and you don’t stop.”

“Finally I took a moment to get off the treadmill and now I’m super inspired by the industry again because there’s no rules - and electronica is just killing it! I’ve never loved music so much.”

After an inspiring studio session with good friends Jon Hume and Trey Campbell, what started with a drum loop has finished as a belter of a tune, as Guy takes a bold step towards his true musical influences, channeling the grunt of Lenny Kravitz whilst still maintaining his signature soulful vocal. Written for his wife Jules (and her favourite so far) this growling contemporary serenade is about kicking aside temptations on the road when you know the key to your heart is waiting at home.

Candle’s creation was as spontaneous as it sounds, the guts of the tune written in a half-hour clash of inspiration and now released only three months later with no warning and zero fanfare. “I like that I’m just throwing it out there, seeing what it does on its own legs.”

A kick-down-the-door chorus like that is sure to fall on its feet.