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Sarah Peirse on the 'Magnificent and Terrible' Miss Docker | video

Originally published on Sydney Theatre Company online magazine

One of the most memorable and divisive creatures in Australian theatre, many of us have known a Miss Docker in our time. A pillar of the local church, a carer to the infirm, a sociable neighbour – and an insufferable and inescapable know-it-all. Under the direction of STC Artistic Director Kip Williams, Miss Docker elicits more of our sympathy than ever before as she careens through Sarsaparilla looking for somewhere to belong.

Below, watch A Cheery Soul's leading lady Sarah Peirse discuss the most infamous character in Australian theatre, featuring original music from the production by Clemence Williams. In Part 1 Sarah sets the scene of Sarsaparilla and Miss Docker's place in it, Part 2 dives into the psychology of this incredible character, and Part 3 discusses what makes Patrick White's playwriting so unusual and effective.


Filming, edit and interview by Jordan Rahlia

Watch Part 2 and 3 here