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The New Justice Track Makes Me Want To Punch The Air And Achieve My Dreams

Originally published on Pulse.

There were rumours, there were snippets, and lord knows there were articles. Now we have the first new Justice track in five years in full, high quality, downloadable form - and it’s the best thing since the Waters of Nazareth flowed.

There’s a choir, singing in inspirational rhyming couplets. There’s a percolating synth which bubbles with a flourish like a freshly popped bottles of champers. There’s an almighty slappin’ of da bass and a punchy, housin’ string section which mimics the chorus then dances itself off into the melodic sunset and the whole thing is introduced with a single fucking click. It’s fucking great!

The whole track has this positive, upward lift that might have been cheesy if that chunky bass guitar didn’t strut along down in the depths for the duration and remind us of the grunt that drew us all to Justice in the first place.

This song makes me want to punch the air and achieve my dreams. This song makes me want to slap on a sparkly jumpsuit and roller-skate my way into an 80s montage with a hoard of puppies chasing after me in slow motion like I’m the pied-fucking-piper of joy.

Can you imagine hearing this at the start of your night on a warm day as the sun was setting and the stars coming out and you were just starting to feel those cocktails? Can you imagine hearing this at the end of a long night of techno in some dinghy warehouse as the sun was coming up and the DJ starting to get disco fruity? Can you imagine hearing this on the car radio as you drove into the distance in a shiny convertible away from an exploding building which had previously contained all your enemies and now everything was going to be OK?? Can you even imagine??

If their new album is as good as this track I’m going to run out of froth.


It’s a fucking free download!